Sex And The City Inspired Posters

One of the most iconic TV shows of the late 90's is back and just like that (excuse the pun) we're transported back in to a world of Manolo's, Marlboro Lights and high fashion. 

Yes, 'Sex and the City' or rather 'And Just Like That: A New Chapter of Sex And The City' has returned to screens after nearly 20 (yes 20) years, not counting the 2 movies of course. The new series features Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda along with their spouses and now grown up children, not to mention their extended friends such as Anthony and Stanford (played by Willie Garson who recently passed away before the series finished filming). The Iconic Samantha won't be featured in the new series following the highly publicised fall out between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.

 and justt like that sex and the city inspired wall art


Sex and the City, created so many iconic moments that made an impact on popular culture in the early noughties, moments which have stood the test of time thanks to the cult following the show still has today. Everything from the outfits to the locations inspired millions but it is possibly the quotes which have had the biggest impact thanks to the introduction of memes and gifs. 


Below we showcase some of our favourite Carrie Bradshaw quote prints and other posters inspired by Sex and the City.

 shopping is my cardio wall print

This is possibly one of the most iconic Carrie Bradshaw quotes. Season after season we watched Carrie buy the most fabulous (and expensive) shoes so this line resonates with the inner shopaholic in us all. 

me and you just us two wall print

Who could forget this quote from 'Sex and the City: The Movie'? Whilst discussing their upcoming wedding, Carrie reassures a nervous Big that all that matter is that there will be "me and you, just us two".

new york prints

The most consistent love in Carrie's life has always been the city. Though she may have flirted with a brief trip to Paris, her heart has always belong to New York. We have a wide range of New York posters from maps and coordinates to beautiful photography prints so there is something for everyone and every home.

Take a look at our full range of Sex and the City prints here.


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