Slay My Print stock a range of bathroom prints and wall art designed to be at home in any style of bathroom. Here you will find stylish images and a whole host of quirky typographical posters.

Bathroom Wall Art

Bathrooms, while not being the central hub of a home, are an essential part of any house nonetheless, and they should be treated with love and care when decorating!

Unlike with most other rooms in a house, you can pretty much guarantee that people will take notice of any bathroom wall art that you choose to hang due to the small space. On top of this, they will be viewing it by themselves, without you there to guide their interest or gauge their perceptions. Therefore, when picking bathroom wall art, you have the choice of picking prints that will stand out and grab their attention, or you can decide to go for prints that blend into the aesthetic of the room and accentuate your style without being too flashy.   

It goes without saying that you want to decorate your bathroom to your own tastes too and not just for your guests! So, if you find a bathroom poster that brings you joy then what are you waiting for? Place an order and go one step closer to achieving the bathroom of your dreams!

Bathrooms are versatile and will look great if you decide to go with a single print that matches your room or if you decide to select a range of posters in differing shapes and sizes to compose a bathroom gallery wall.

Bathroom Prints

Text Prints for your Bathroom

The popularity of text prints has exploded lately, and while they are not limited to any specific rooms, the bathroom is definitely one of the most favoured places for them. You will find them in almost any style of bathroom, from ultra-modern to cosy and homely.

One of the reasons behind their popularity is that they are so uncomplicated in their design. With some pieces of artwork, you can stare at it for over an hour and still be no closer to figuring it out. And while that may be just what you are looking for, it can also be the exact opposite. When you know you are only going to be spending a few minutes looking at the poster at any time, not having to think so hard and extract a meaning yourself can be soothing and send you to a calm place.

Picture yourself relaxing in a nice, warm bubble bath. Scented candles lit. Your favourite chilled out playlist playing in the background. Serene posters with simple text can further encourage you to unwind and heighten the relaxing atmosphere. Especially our posters in understated fonts or with paint brush effects.   

On the other hand, if that isn’t the vibe that you are going for, then witty text prints can be perfect for you. These can be bought to suit either family homes or bachelor pads!


Location, Location, Location

We know that everyone has different bathrooms, with some being big and some being small, some with a standalone bath tub and some with integrated bath tubs and showers. Consequently, you should always choose art that works with what you have got to offer.

Creating a gallery wall above a standalone bath tub is a fantastic way to create a real statement wall in your bathroom. If your bathroom is a clean, neutral white then this will only draw even more attention to your gallery wall. If you have a smaller space then consider hanging your wall art either opposite windows or mirrors so you can always see your art without busying up any single wall too much.

Lastly, you should also consider how your bathroom walls are currently decorated. While hanging wall art and prints on tile or granite is possible, those materials can be difficult to fix if you end up changing your mind. Brickwork or plasterboard on the other hand is much easier to decorate and can be done with even the most basic DIY skills.