Gold prints for walls make up some of the most popular choices for artwork in both modern and classical styled homes.
At Slay My Print, we stock gold wall art in a wide range of styles from botanical inspired gold prints to abstract designs with gold trims, and everything in between.
You can even round off your gold wall feature by combining your selection with our matching frames for a supremely regal look.


As a theme, gold is great because it is inherently luxurious and synonymous with power, yet it can also be darker and more mysterious, so it has a tremendous amount of range as a choice of theme.

More often though, you will find that gold wall prints are generally used along with other colours to create a theme where the gold is not too overwhelming.

Gold and silver wall art unsurprisingly go hand in hand together with their connection as precious metals, but you will be surprised with just how many colours gold will go well together with. Deep green is a popular one, creating an art deco ambiance that has pops of light between the dark colours. Another is blue, producing an almost heavenly combination that has elements of the serene.

Gold Prints and Gold feature pieces


Gold, with its position as a natural substance, looks great when combined with other natural products like marble and agate gemstones.  

Marble is associated with extravagant decoration and conjures images of ancient Greece and majestic room décor. Adding gold trim to this only heightens the grand sensation that the posters promote, while keeping the same theme and not contrasting too much. 

We also stock golden agate gemstone posters. If you are all about your natural energies and chakras then you will be well aware of agate. These stones are known for their healing properties and their promotion of gentle, strengthening energies.


Abstract designs featuring gold accents bring a more modern aspect to gold aesthetics.

Asymmetrical patterns and geometric shapes are very popular in contemporary home wall art. Abstract designs are renowned for their removal of objectivity and the distance from the reflection of the article being brought to art.

People favour this style of art because it is more complex than traditional artwork. It can also make a home more individual, giving you a talking point to communicate with guests whenever new people see your art.

If you have larger pieces of art then including a few small abstract pieces can break up a gallery wall really well. Because of their unusual and subjective style, abstract prints will expand your gallery feature without cluttering your wall and disrupting the theme you are going for.   

Choosing gold abstract designs lets you put your stamp on the art, and pick the right pieces for you that match your décor.


A level up from your typical typography posters are those with gold accents or fonts.
Whether they are for your kitchen or your bedroom, typography wall art can help with setting the tone of a room and can make your space just that: yours. Motivational, cheerful, or comforting posters with easily identifiable phrases are quick to make an impact and do not need an artist’s insight to interpret. 

Adding gold colours can make them stand out even further, and even accentuate key ideas that you really want your space to express.  


If you want a more personal gold poster then have a look at our range of personalised posters. These posters can add the finishing touch to your gold feature wall and make your home feel more special and individual to your family.

Some of our gold personalised prints come as alphabet posters. For these we are able to supply posters with every letter as well as the ‘&’ symbol.

The floral alphabet posters come with a white background that really makes the gold symbol on them stand out. They also feature a decorative floral design that is different for every letter. 

We also have a leopard print alphabet range that comes with a cream background and white letters with black and gold leopard print spots, and marble alphabet posters with gold lettering atop a cool grey marble portrait.

Both of these poster ranges allow you to personalise them with a name and date underneath. This can make the posters such a beautiful gift if you want to commemorate a special occasion memorialise a time that meant something to you.

Our final personalised piece of gold wall art is our happy place poster. This is a gorgeous gold marble poster that comes with personalised coordinates underneath that we can work out from a postcode that you provide.