At Slay My Print, we have been experts in the prints industry for quite some time now and we know all there is to know about interior design trends.


Everyone wants their home to look good. Experimenting with new styles of art that you may not have experienced before can be a fantastic way to freshen up your surroundings and receive plenty of compliments from guests!

Some people might think trends are a bad word. If something is trendy one day, who’s to say it will be trendy the next? While it is true that on trend art prints ebb and flow all the time, there are a number of big hitter styles that make a real impact when they come back into fashion.

Regardless, we always look for posters that are timeless in a variety of styles because we know that what’s fashionable for one person might not be the right choice for another.
 Stylish black gallery wall in scandi living room


You may not have heard of the name but you will definitely recognise the aesthetic!
Cottagecore is all about pining for simpler pastimes, and reimagining your home into a quaint farmyard cottage. This doesn’t mean opening your doors to pigs and chickens! It means using calm, earthy colour schemes and interspersing them with splashes of greenery and plant life.

A reason behind the rise in popularity of Cottagecore could be the increased consumer demand for sustainability. Some people have gone off the ultra-modern, high tech trend that the modern world pushes us towards. Even for those that do want high-tech homes, you will often find that people want to keep it inconspicuous and hide their technology discreetly amongst natural decorations.

Stripping our homes back to nature can be a great way to mentally and spiritually reset. And if you want to do this by choosing Cottagecore, then we recommend using gallery wall prints. Small collections of prints can look amazing and act like a window to the outside world that you are creating with your choice of art.


Popular since classic artists like Picasso and Matisse, line art has stuck around and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

These trendy wall prints are suitable for homes that have both minimalist and maximalist aesthetics. Line art uses negative space to create meaning and definition, so you can either look at a piece of line art and see the simple lines or the wide-ranging space that they create.

With modern prints in a line art style, you have plenty of choices to choose from. Do you want one that’s classic or contemporary? Do you want one in the style of a famous artist or would you prefer a more independent style? At Slay My Print we have contemporary art prints in a wide range of formats to suit any room in your home. 


If you want only the best modern art prints that will remain modern as time goes on then you can’t go wrong with a bold abstract poster.

This stylish art style has made a big impact on interior design trends recently, with people making a feature wall in their room by hanging a large abstract print by itself. Because there is so much going on with the combination of colours and shapes used, one single piece of abstract art can make a really loud statement all on its own.

What’s more, you can pick and choose the abstract art styles that you like because there is just so many of them. Maybe you like soft, watercolour inspired prints. Perhaps you prefer the sharp edges of dramatic line art. You may even wish for an abstract interpretation of a specific place or object – take your pick from our broad selection.

Whether it’s for kitchens, bedrooms, or even bathrooms, we can tell what to look for when it comes to the best, on trend wall art.

We are constantly updating our list of products to keep bringing in fresh, trendy pictures and at the same time supply you with any that we think will be popular art prints for all kinds of different home styles.

Keep checking back in with us regularly so you don’t miss out on any new products that could reinvigorate your home!