If you have enough wall space to accommodate more than one poster then consider getting a set of prints to create a really stylish look in your home!

These types of posters have designs that either extend from one print to the next, or they have designs that complement each other when they’re placed next to each other.

For example, take our Me & You, Just Us Two poster set. These posters have gorgeous paintbrush style calligraphy in a super clean black and white design and could theoretically be hung on their own. However, when paired next to each other, the posters create a harmonious vibe with their matching style and short rhyming couplet. 

You can also use poster sets in different areas of your home to create a broader theme. By separating the posters from each other and placing them into different rooms, you can tie your home together with a consistent and stylish motif. 

Print sets



If two posters just aren’t enough for you then why not go for three! Like they say, three is the magic number!

Wall art sets of three prints look amazing when placed in a row and help to create a feature wall in your home. They are especially popular in areas like the living room, dining room, or bedroom, where they can be placed above

An example of a set of wall art that comes in threes is our Love Lives Here poster set. These posters are connected by a single line that joins three words across three different posters in a stunning and meditative design.   

If you don’t think you have the space to house three prints horizontally then why not try and display them vertically? On walls that aren’t very wide, such as small alcoves either side of a fireplace, vertical poster sets can often be the best way to make use of the real estate available rather than hanging one poster on its own.



Art sets can either come in colour or black and white. Monochrome poster sets can be easier to place in a modern style home because they look sleek and uncluttered. Their neutral colours also make it easy to match with home furnishings.

Black and white print sets are suitable for any room but can be common in bedrooms and bathrooms. We have our His Side, Her Side poster set that comes in black and white and features two different styles of font. These posters are perfect for hanging above the bed and can add a bit of personality and character to your home. Similarly, if you have a his and hers bathroom, then this poster set can look at home there too.

Other colours on offer are soft and neutral greys, or vibrant greens like those found on our plant posters. Grey is another very popular choice of colour for homes and has risen in popularity over recent years with people going all-in with grey for their interior design.



Framed sets of prints take your choice of wall art to the next level. A classy frame not only protects your artwork from normal wear and tear when exposed to the elements but also makes them look more tasteful and elegant. If you want to impress guests with your artwork when they come to your home then a frame is a must have.

Your wall art can also be used in conjunction with the style of your room to cement a theme in your home. For example, our Monstera Split Leaf poster set showcases an exotic Monstera Deliciosa plant leaf across two whole posters. If you have house plants around your home then this poster set will accompany them perfectly and help you display a natural and vibrant theme.