Ask anybody who has retired what they regret the most about when they were younger and there’s a high chance that they’ll tell you ‘not travelling’.

Sure, people might get the chance to go on an occasional holiday, but with the way that people work so much these days it can be hard to find the time to really lose yourself in a new culture.

So, if you’re dreaming of traveling the world, seeing amazing sights and trying crazy new things but you’re not ready to go just yet then take the next best option and choose travel posters to decorate your home!

Travel posters are an amazing choice of poster for anyone because there’s such a variety of posters available and in loads of different styles.

If you have a bright, open home, then a print of an idyllic beachfront will complement your room well. Or, if you have a more bohemian styled home with vintage furniture and decorations, then one of the many iconic Parisian street prints will suit you incredibly well.

 Travel Wall Art


Holiday posters can be a fantastic way to decorate your home if you want something a bit more special for your whole family.

If you had a gorgeous family holiday to Berlin that you never want to forget then you can choose a high-quality Berlin print from Slay My Print and kill two birds with one stone. The prints will decorate your home in style while also serving a reminder to your family of the memories that you made together.

We understand that not everyone’s a professional photographer and that it can be incredibly hard to capture first-rate photographs without expensive professional equipment. That’s why this option will be the best for most people out there.

Traveling posters can also be used if you just love the idea of going to a specific country without having actually been there in the past. Some countries have cultures that just click with us as individuals so well. Places like Japan or Cuba where the culture is so far removed from our own are quite often romanticised and as a result have an aesthetic that can be so chic and attractive.



French posters in vintage styles are among some of the most desirable and most elegant travel photography prints that you could get.

Capital cities don’t come much more iconic than Paris. ‘The city of love’, with landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, never mind all the small little hideaways that true Parisians know are the real heart of the city. Every aspect of it is beautiful and classy, and would look amazing taking up a small corner of your home.


Another city with gorgeous vintage photography is Venice – coincidentally another city that exudes romance! These European tourist juggernauts are so popular for a reason and posters of them can be paired together for a gallery wall that creates incredible vibes and radiates passion around your home.



If travelling is your lifelong passion, then congratulations, you have probably one of the best passions that you could be blessed with! Posters with your favourite destinations would be a great purchase for your travelling headquarters back home, as would posters about travel in general. 

At Slay My Print, we have many posters for travel fans with typography elements like ‘go where you feel most alive’, or ‘eat well, travel often’ that will work well on their own to create a tone in your home or can be used to build up a gallery wall with a structured theme around travel.

We also have posters with text and imagery together to create art that can also inform. For example, our landmarks series of posters that list a famous city along with its coordinates and a selection of its most famous landmarks. These posters are perfect for fans of travelling and can even make great gifts for loved ones! 



Some of the most popular travel posters online are New York City posters. This is understandable, New York has captivated tourists and locals alike for many years. It’s towering skyscrapers and bustling streets are iconic features of famous TV shows and films and people love the aesthetic that they can bring to their home.

While it’s known as ‘the city that never sleeps’, a good feature of New York City artwork is that it looks just as great in black and white as it does in colour. There’s just something special about that city that means you can’t get a bad picture of it!

In bright colour, the city looks sleek and modern. While in black and white the vibes change completely and it looks classic and brooding. Two very different atmospheres but ones that would be perfect for homes of different styles!