There’s something about a getaway into nature that just can’t be beaten. The smell of the fresh air, the beautiful sights of mother nature, the blissful absence of sound from technology and machinery.

For most of us though, this experience is unfortunately very rare. Sure, big ultra-modern cities are great because you have shops and the all-important WIFI, but you miss out on so much by not having the wilderness on your doorstep.

This is where nature wall art comes in. Decorating your home with posters of scenery from nature can provide your home with a portal to another world, giving you the effect of being able to look out of a window to see a forest or a mountain range.

Landscape prints, (i.e. prints hung in landscape!) can be a fantastic use of your space if you have enough real estate on your wall and can really add to the effect of capturing an accurate looking landscape.

However, if you want to mimic this look by using portrait prints then you easily can! Just find a few prints in the same range and hang them alongside each other. Don’t worry about the prints being apart, the gap between your posters will add style to your wall and this style can be just as good as the posters themselves.

Nature Prints 


It’s human nature to be impressed by mountain ranges. They tower over us by such an extreme margin and display incredibly individual shapes which just makes each one even more imposing.

Mountain prints in the home are good at giving you your own space of calm and introspection. They look great in offices for this reason. If you need to take a moment to focus and ground yourself then looking over your poster showcasing a peaceful mountain scene can give you a feeling of transcendence that will put you in a positive mental space.

Or maybe you have a personal relationship with a specific mountain or country, like Iceland with their famous volcanic mountains or Scotland and the ever-loved Highlands. Showcasing these in your home can make you remember the feelings you felt when you were there, or can help you look forward to when you finally get the chance to go!



Who doesn’t love a beach holiday! Warm sand, the sea breeze, and the sound of the ocean waves. What could be better?

If regularly getting to the beach is impossible for you then you can replicate this vibe by hanging beach prints in your home.

You can get lovely beach artwork in natural colours of golden sand and crystal blue water and skies, or you can subvert expectations and choose a poster in either black and white or bright pinks and purples.

Idyllic and peaceful images are some of the best ones to hang in your home because they honestly do impact your mood so much. If you’re someone who maybe suffers with slight anxiety or someone who gets worked up quite easily, bringing yourself back down to earth with a peaceful beach poster is 100% a good choice for you.



If you’d like some posters of nature in your home but prefer your decorations to be a bit more stylish then tropical prints will definitely be for you!

You can choose a poster that shows a cross section photograph of a tropical forest and have a luscious green piece of wall art in your home with all the benefits of owning nature artwork. However, we find that tropical posters have a brilliant ability to suit so many different styles.

Abstract tropical prints are extremely popular at the moment, with modern homes using them to add a stylish twist to their contemporary aesthetic.

Although abstract can be quite a broad term, so we’ll give you some of the highlights we’ve found.

First, we’ve got colourful drawings and artist impressions of tropical foliage. These posters generally do look quite out there, but their combination of styles and colours are so varied that they don’t clash and have the added effect of suiting many different styles of home.

Second, we find that posters featuring a single tropical plant with a coloured indoor backdrop can be very chic. These posters have less going on than other tropical prints so the eye is naturally drawn to them. The cool backdrop colours are generally one of two options: dark and moody neutral colours that look amazing on common wall colours, and then bright pastel colours that make the plants stand out even more.

Lastly, there are prints of tropical plants in unnatural colours. These posters usually feature artwork or photographs of foliage or a whole plant but use colours like gold, pink, or blue to create a surreal piece of artwork that will add character to your home as well as style.



Another option for people wanting nature prints but maybe don’t want many prints of scenery are animal prints.

This can either be by way of strictly animal patterns like leopard print or zebra print which have stuck around as design options for quite some time now, or prints with animals on them.

Prints with photographs of lions exude strength and confidence, while prints with photographs of elephants display themes of family and belonging.

Depending on what vibe you’re going for will usually dictate what animal you want, or you can always just go for the animals that you like the most. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun!