Influencer Spotlight: @first_floor_apartment

Instagram is a great place for interiors inspiration, with millions of people dedicating accounts to showcase their homes to their followers. In a saturated world of interiors content, it’s often hard to stand out from the crowd and create your own niche. 

Paulina runs Instagram account @first_floor_apartment and her content is cosy, boho and heavily scandi inspired. Her grid is packed with beautiful accessories, neutral aesthetics and styling ideas that look realistic to live with. She creates an effortless feeling that there is no need for an insta v reality post as everything she shares looks achievable. Using prints to add interest in her bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, Paulina creates fresh content by mixing decorative accessories with clever print placement.

We caught up with Paulina to discuss all things interiors and of course prints.


paulina first floor apartment

 Paulina - @first_floor_apartment

Hi Paulina! Thanks taking part in our Influencer Spotlight feature! So tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been sharing your home on Instagram and why did you start?

Hi! I started sharing my home content on Instagram earlier this year, in March 2021. I seen so many beautiful accounts that I was inspired by and I thought to myself it’s worth trying to run a home account too!


How would you describe your home style?

I would describe my home style as being scandi meets boho.


Your home has a really consistent aesthetic, is this important to you?

Yes! The aesthetic of my home is important to me. I love it when my looks and feels consistent.

 scandi kitchen christmas table

 A beautiful Christmas table styled with scandi accessories


What’s been your favourite part of sharing your home on Instagram?

I’ve loved the reaction from people, when they like content I’m adding. It makes me feel like it’s all worth doing.


There are so many home accounts on Instagram now, how influenced are you by these and what are you favourite accounts to follow?

Yes I totally agree, there are so many beautiful home accounts on Instagram. It’s hard to get your account to grow quickly these days. I think a lot of it is luck and it depends if algorithm likes you!

Some of the accounts that I really like are:








And many, many more!

 scandi bedroom with slay my print autumnal wall art

Scandi style bedroom with autumnal wall prints from Slay My Print


Your content is always so well styled, what’s your top tips for creating such a beautiful aesthetic?

 I can’t really explain that as everything is inside my head! When something doesn’t match I need to remove it immediately.

The best top tip is to follow your own  ideas. Always go for a neutral base and play with different details (cushions, throws, blankets and candles).


What is your favourite spot in your home to photograph and why?

The best spot in my home to take pictures  is definitely my bedroom! I decorated it last year and it looks just how I always wanted it to.


Let’s talk prints! What’s most important to you when it comes to choosing prints for your home, price, quality or design? 

Definitely quality, design and price obviously! In my opinion you can get lovely prints that are not too pricey and you can make them look expensive. I’m now looking for bathroom prints and I already know exactly what bath mat, towels and shower curtain will match perfectly.


You always have such great placement ideas from shelfie shots to leaning to wall hanging, how do you decide what would look best? 

Thank you!  Again, most of these ideas are just in my head! I’m always thinking where to put prints what would look great with them.


Boho styled Bathroom featuring ‘Bathroom Party’ and ‘Bubble Bath’ wall prints from Slay My Print


You have quite a few prints around your home. How often do you change them?

I like to change prints for each season! I love it when you can change the seasons in your home too. 


Final question, with so many print companies and designs out there what advise would you give to someone looking to introduce prints in to their home?

Before I buy anything, I’m always checking reviews, prices and if there is a contact option for customer service in case there is an issue with the delivery or an item!



make a wish wall print in festive scandi kitchen

Slay My Print ‘Make a Wish’ poster in oak wood picture frame styled with scandi Christmas decorations


To see more of Paulina’s beautiful home, you can follow her on Instagram @first_floor_apartment


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  • Carolina

    OMG! This house is absolutely amazing and beautiful! What you can see is that she always worry about any details! Wel done Paulina ! You can be very proud of yourself!

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