We offer a selection of wall frames that come in sizes that precisely fit the measurements of our prints to take the hassle out of decorating your home.

You won’t have to spend time carefully measuring your art to make sure it will fit in your A3 frame. Just select a poster, choose the corresponding sized frame in your choice of colour and material, then add to basket! It’s never been easier to buy matching wall frames in the UK.

Between A3 frames and A2 frames we stock picture frames that are made for 40cm x 50cm prints, and between A2 and A1 wall frames we have frames suitable for 50cm x 70cm prints.

If you’re buying art that you love then we always recommend protecting it with a classy poster frame. Not only will this extend the life of your poster by protecting it from wear and tear, but it will also make your art look much more attractive and presentable.


At Slay My Print we have stylish wooden frames in black, white, and oak colours. If you want a minimalistic, natural aesthetic then these frames will be a great option for you.

On the contrary, if you have a more modern styled home then our aluminium frames in gold, silver, and copper will be more suited to you.

When decorating your home, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to compliment your current furnishings or juxtapose them. Either option can create fascinating results, so feel free to choose whatever suits you best!

If you have a gallery wall you could also decide to mix and match your choice of frames. Maybe some of your art will look good framed in black and maybe some are more suited to white – go for both! This contrasting design doesn’t have to be just black and white either, you can create a more subtle contrast by using tones and shades like with our gold and rose gold frames.



It’s not just your art that adds style to a room, your frames do too. In fact, they very often go hand in hand when creating a specific aesthetic.

Accenting your art with a colourful border can emphasise certain elements of the print. Gold goes well with green and dark blue, whereas copper goes well with natural colours like brown. If you have art that features bursts of certain colours then you can take inspiration from this when deciding your frame colour.

Black generally goes with everything so you can sit back and choose a black frame if you’re having any doubts or just want a simple frame without worrying about what colours go with what.

Our wooden frames are hardwood and solid. You can rest assured that they won’t chip easily and will last you a lifetime. 

If you’d prefer a slim frame then our range of aluminium frames will suit you nicely. These frames are sleek even when you go up to the biggest sizes. We have slim A1 frames that will provide you with a slim border in a range of shiny, metallic finishes.



All of our frames, from our A4 wall frames to our A1 wall frames and beyond, can be hung landscape or portrait. They come with two large sawtooth picture hangers to provide you with reliable hanging solutions. This gives you the most freedom when planning your interior design.

Our frames come with a solid MDF backloader that is lightweight and sturdy enough to hold the poster in place without adding too much weight. The wooden frames come with adjustable pins that securely hold the art in place, whereas our metal frames come with metal clips that slide into place behind the backloader.

The frame front is made of acrylic plexiglass rather than standard glass. This means our picture frames are lightweight and safe. Plexiglass weighs less than half of what an equivalent sized panel of glass would weigh, while also being shatterproof and stunningly clear.