The Beige Aesthetic

The hottest interior trend of 2021 was without a doubt the Beige aesthetic! 

Over recent years Grey has been the must-have colour for Instagram worthy homes with grey wall prints featuring heavily but 2021 was a year of Beige. Cold, minimalist interior styling has been replaced with warm tones, layered pieces, abstract wall art and vases. Lots of vases.

 beige wall prints


Whilst, accessorising your home has been a big part of achieving the Beige aesthetic, there has also been a focus on furniture styles and materials. Crushed velvet is out and natural linen and boucle is in. Utilising natural materials such as wood and ceramics are key to creating that earthy look.


White and Oak wood poster frames

To reflect the natural materials of your furniture, Oak Poster frames are the perfect partner for your beige wall art. Go big with an A1 statement frame or create a gallery wall. Here you can mix in other frame finishes such as White Wood Frames for a more rustic feel.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Not only did this trend take over the interior world but it was reflected in fashion (Kim Kardashian's SKIMS anyone?) and beauty too. This photo from Instagram user @jessdevine is a perfect example of the swoon worthy aesthetic featuring products from Selena Gomez's cosmetic line, Rare Beauty.

Beige abstract wall print

If, like most people, you can't afford to replace your entire furniture to create a beautiful beige home, then adding prints is a great way to achieve the look quickly. We have a wide range of beige wall art to suit any style and any room. 


Take a look at our full Beige Aesthetic prints here 


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