Colour Palettes In Time For Spring


There's no better time to refresh your interior like the changing of a season. As the dark nights and cold days of Winter begin to lift to make room for Spring, the fresh light of day can also bring a new perspective on your home. 

Changing the colours in your home decor are a great way to revitalise your space. Having spent so much time in our home, sheltering from Winter it's easy to become bored or complacent with your surroundings and adding a fresh coat of paint or hanging some new wall art can totally transform how you see your interior. 

Ideal Home published an article in late 2021 of their 15 predictions for colour trends in 2022. The article features an array of tones from blues to yellows that are perfect for injecting that spring time energy in to your home. We decided to take a look at the colour predictions and see how these trends can make great colour palettes in time for Spring!

blue interior wall art for spring 2022


Abstract Acrylic Beach Poster and Pampas Wind Poster


Add some calming vibes to your home with this beautiful pale blue. Inspired by the Dulux Colour of the Year 2022, 'Bright Skies'. This tranquil tone is perfect for accessorising with wall art as featured above. If you are not brave enough to decorate your home in bold or bright colours then this colour palette is perfect for you!

This colour can be easily complimented with both boho or glam style furniture or accessories to suit your home aethetic.

neutral home decor

Muted Oil Paint No.1 Poster and Muted Oil Paint No.2 Poster

If you love a neutral home, then why not go for a milky or almond tone paint colour to add warmth to your home. Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene told Ideal Home, that "warm neutrals such as ‘Oak Apple’, ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Bath Stone’ will become the go-to tones." 

As shown above, these warm neutrals are great for contrasting against white furniture and accessories. If you have been influenced by the grey or scandi interior styles of previous years, this is an affordable way to re-use your furniture but with a fresh look for spring. Add some abstract wall art to add some classic elegance to your home. 

spring yellow farrow and ball

Photo Credit: Farrow & Ball


If you want to introduce a fresh colour palette in time for spring then why not go bold like this beautiful yellow interior? Farrow & Ball predicted that rich mustard yellow will be one of the big colours for home decor in 2022.

If the thought of painting a large space in your home with such a bold colour is overwhelming then why not add some yellow wall art? Slay My Print has a huge selection of prints to choose from so you can find a design that will suit your style and keep your interior colour palette bang on-trend!

pink home decor

L-R: Crazy Stupid Love Poster, Paris Train Poster, Pink Oil Layers Poster, Pink Oil Lips Poster and White Paris Blossoms Poster

Pink is always a popular interior colour and over the years we have seen everything from Barbie pink to pastel pink being the favoured tone. As part of their colour predictions for 2022, Real Homes added pink hues to their watch list. 

Jemma Saunders, Colour Specialist at Crown told Real Homes that "Dreamy and fun, ‘Illusory’ curves between reality and the digital worlds of our imagination. Romantic hues of blush rose and raspberry swirl and layer color upon color. Inspiration is drawn from the free-flowing Surrealism art movement and the cute, stylized culture of Kawaii."

Pink is a great colour to make a bold statement or to create a gallery wall. Our latest abstract pink prints have been hung alongside classic black and white photography in gold frames to add an elegant touch to this modern decor.

Whatever your interior style, Slay My Print has a wide range of high quality prints and premium picture frames to compliment your aesthetic. 


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