Cocktail Wall Art

Cocktail posters

Cocktails! Are they your guilty pleasure or your beloved drink of choice?

Whether you prefer going out and tasting ones made by professionals, or staying in and experimenting by making your own, we all love them and we all have our favourites.

Cocktail décor in our homes can create an amazing, feel-good atmosphere and look good while doing it! Naturally, kitchens are great places for them, but because of their colourful and varied styles, cocktail wall art goes well almost everywhere.

Depending on what cocktail you want art of in your home, you’ll find many different styles of poster available showcasing them. At Slay My Print, we have posters of all the classic, iconic cocktails, as well as prints of more off the cuff cocktails and posters in surreal designs too.


Cocktail recipe wall art

One of our most popular styles of cocktail wall art is our cocktail menu wall art. These types of posters come in a more retro kitchen print design and each one features elegant artwork of the classic types of cocktails. Bloody Mary, Martini, Mojito – all the big hitters!

Not only do these posters show off some amazing artwork, but they’re also cocktail recipe posters and so they list all of their main ingredients. Posters that have a little bit of textual information are really in at the moment, especially in the kitchen.

They make your artwork more of a talking piece and, because they display information, they serve as an educational tool! Just think about the next time you’re at a pub quiz and the question is ‘what are the ingredients in an Old Fashioned?’. You can just think back to your kitchen posters and then you’ll know the answer! Your very own Slumdog Millionaire moment!

 Cocktail Wall Art

Cocktail illustrations

If you’d prefer your cocktail pictures to be more abstract and less specific then how about one of our cocktail illustrations?

Cocktail art doesn’t have to be strictly photographs of cocktails. You can have surreal drawings of them instead, with bursts of colours and illusory shapes to make looking at them hypnotising.

These are amazing choices if you prefer your art more artsy. And if you want a gallery wall collection of cocktail art prints then these make for fantastic ones! Their varied colours and styles mean they go well together by theme but still look individual enough to stand out and pop on their own. Or, opt for black and white kitchen wall art for a simpler, more defined look.


Classic cocktail wall art

Turning your kitchen into your very own bar is what some of us always dream of. While it can’t actually turn your home into a real bar, bar wall art can help you attain the look of one quickly and efficiently.

All bars have different styles, but they usually have some form of artwork that relates to the theme of cocktails whether it’s by having photographs of people drinking classic cocktails, or photos of classic cocktail collections.

You too can turn your home into the perfect 5 o’clock venue by hanging cocktail wall art in your kitchen, lounge, or hallway, and you’ll have the best vibes for those post-work drinks!