How To : Style Your Home With Prints


Deciding the final touches for your interior decoration can be tricky! Once you have found the perfect accessories for your home, you then have to decide how to display your posters and frames. 

The beauty of choosing prints to brighten up your home is that you have multiple formation choices to hang them and they're easy to move around to fit your evolving interior style. In this how to guide, we go through the top 3 most common ways to display prints in your home!

woman styling frames on the walls

The easiest way to create a stylish statement wall in your home is by creating a symmetrical look using multiple prints in the same size. Depending on the size of your space, we would always recommend measuring your wall first to decide how many prints you would need. To create the perfect symmetry, also consider the space between each print. In the example below we have spaced the prints out evenly and used Oak Picture Frames to complete the look. 


If your budget allows, go with the biggest size possible. We would recommend using 3 art prints to make a stunning wall feature. You should also consider how your wall art will look with your existing furniture. In large spaces, hanging your framed prints close to your furniture can create a more intimate feeling in your home. 

 Gallery wall of Matisse inspired prints

L-R: Studio Bleu No.1 Poster, Art Couleur Poster and Studio De Portrait No.2 Poster

One of the most popular ways to hang wall art is to create a gallery wall. Gallery wall ideas are one of the most pinned posts on Pinterest and with endless options it's easy to see why! Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for gallery walls for living rooms, bedrooms and kids playrooms. In fact, there are gallery wall ideas for just about any space!

To start creating a gallery wall for your home, you should first consider the size of the space and then work out how many prints you could fit without the space feeling like it is crammed. As with symmetrical layouts, we would always recommend keeping an even distance between each poster to create a clean look. It's also useful to try and stick within a size range when creating your gallery wall. In the photo below, we have used large sized posters in a portrait formation and utilised a slightly smaller design in a landscape formation to add height.

It's always a good idea to check if your frames can be wall mounted in a portrait and landscape orientation. This will give you flexibility when creating your perfect gallery wall. Here at Slay My Print, all of our premium picture frames come with fixings to allow you to hang your prints in either portrait or landscape!

And most importantly, have fun! Creating a gallery wall is an opportunity to express your personality in your home.

pink gallery wall ideas

L-R: Blush Tide Poster, La Serie En Rose No.2 Poster, Soft Palm No.1 Poster, Blush Skies No.1 Poster and Go Where You Feel Most Alive Poster

Another easy way to style your home with art prints is to find a statement design and simply lean it. If your home has space to lean your framed print on the floor, this can create a modern relaxed interior. However, if you don't have the floor space or the furniture to compliment this look then you can adopt the same style on a sideboard or even a window ledge by using a smaller print if required. 

all is pretty andy warhol poster in boho living room

All Is Pretty Poster

A few years ago, the term "shelfie" created an instant interior trend on Instagram with users sharing photos of their leaning framed photos styled with ornaments to create a layered look. This term is know more commonly associated with the festive craze "elf on a shelf", an annual tradition where parents entertain their children in the run up to Christmas by placing a naughty elf in precarious positions. 

If you want more interiors inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest page here.


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