Coffee Wall Art

Coffee Wall Art

Calling all coffee aficionados! If your morning just can’t begin until you get that first cup of coffee, then have we got the best decorations for you!

Whether you’re an espresso purist, a latte lover, or a maniac for a macchiato, you’ll find some form of coffee artwork that’s perfect for you at Slay My Print.

In the past few years, coffee art has exploded in popularity. This isn’t just limited to the cute foam designs that your barista makes on your latte. It includes all things coffee themed and hipster, and it’s now also a major home design aesthetic.

Popular choices of coffee wall art for kitchens usually falls under one of two categories: images or kitchen quote prints. Either option makes for a fantastic designed room so feel free to choose whatever one suits you best.


Coffee wall design

It isn’t just the kitchen where you can hang pictures of coffee. Any room in the house can benefit from hanging quality wall art, and our coffee wall art is definitely quality.

Our posters come printed on 180GSM Matte Premium Paper and in sizes that perfectly match our range of metal and wooden frames. This means that they’re strong, durable, and have amazing viewing angles due to their matte finish.

Is one poster all you need or do you need more? Posters always look good on their own, but if you’d prefer a gallery wall of posters then a mix-match of different sized posters can be a bold but effective look.

 Coffee Wall Art

Pictures with coffee cups

If you prefer more literal art than figurative forms of art like text art and calligraphy then our coffee wall art with actual pictures of coffee will be just for you.

We have black and white kitchen prints or colourful posters in that gorgeous coffee colour scheme that we all love so much.

Coffee is one of those drinks that has such an instantly recognisable, iconic look. Take our espresso poster for example. A poster of such a small glass with a small amount of liquid becomes so imposing when presented in a way that highlights the power of the drink.


Coffee pictures for kitchens

Coffee art naturally pairs so well with kitchens because, well, that’s where you make coffee!

If you make your coffee in the same place every morning then after a while it becomes a ritual. Then, it isn’t just the coffee itself that you enjoy and what wakes you up. It’s the walk to the kitchen, the whirr of the machine, the smell of the beans.

Pair that ritual with visual elements through kitchen prints on your walls and you can heighten it even further, making your morning coffee ritual more enjoyable and visceral.

All that is beside the fact that you also have really cool and trendy decorations in your home!