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Instagram is a great place for interiors inspiration, with millions of people dedicating accounts to showcase their homes to their followers. In a saturated world of interiors content, it’s often hard to stand out from the crowd and create your own niche. 

Lauren runs Instagram account and her content is modern, monochrome and  scandi inspired. Her grid is packed with beautiful art, neutral accessories to contrast the monochrome and clean styling. She creates interesting moments using candles and vases to compliment her aesthetic. Using wall art to add interest in her bedroom, living room and hallway, Lauren creates fashionable content using designer accessories to create a luxe home that doesn't feel staged.

We caught up with Lauren to discuss all things interiors and of course prints.

scandi style wall art

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Hi Lauren! Thanks taking part in our Influencer Spotlight feature! So tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been sharing your home on Instagram and why did you start?

Hi! I started my home account in August 2021, I started it as I loved sharing aspects of my home but knew that I didn’t have the right audience on my personal account. The home account community are really lovely, so supportive and you know your content reaches an audience who wish to see it. 


How would you describe your home style?

My home style is definitely monochrome. I like keeping things neutral and clean looking. I’m not a big fan of bright and bold colours for my home. 


Your home has a really consistent aesthetic, is this important to you?

Thank you! I would say this is important to me as I love consistency, it brings a certain flow to my home and everything ties in. When I first started out on my home journey, a consistent aesthetic was never part of the plan - but I’m glad it’s worked out that way!

 beige palm print in black frame in scandinavian style home

Scandi style room with a beige botanical print from Slay My Print


What’s been your favourite part of sharing your home on Instagram?

My favourite part of sharing my home on Instagram is definitely discovering new accounts and making friends. There are so many beautiful homes out there with their own unique style. 

There are so many home accounts on Instagram now, how influenced are you by these and what are you favourite accounts to follow?

I would definitely say I’m influenced by others accounts, home accounts share the best tips and tricks for you to use in your own home. 

My favourite home accounts are:






 monochrome style home

Monochrome style living room with abstract illustrated wall prints from Slay My Print


Your content is always so well styled, what’s your top tips for creating such a beautiful aesthetic?

Thank you! I would say try and keep your styling simple, don’t go overboard as things can look cluttered! I’m no expert but I believe keeping your colour schemes relatively simple can achieve a nice aesthetic. 


What is your favourite spot in your home to photograph and why?

Definitely my living room, I love how it looks when the sun pours through the window, making the room feel bright and fresh! 


Let’s talk prints! What’s most important to you when it comes to choosing prints for your home, price, quality or design? 

Definitely quality! Prints are normally one of the first things your eyes are drawn to in a room, so making sure they are the highest quality can really elevate the look of your home.


 home office with trendy wall art


Stylish home office featuring Soft Palm’  wall print from Slay My Print


You have quite a few prints around your home. How often do you change them?

I definitely change my prints a lot, probably once every 6 - 9 months. I’m prone to wanting to change things up in my home, and changing the prints is a quick and effective way to refresh the room! 


Final question, with so many print companies and designs out there what advise would you give to someone looking to introduce prints in to their home?

Choose something that makes you happy when you look at it! I think art prints are a good way of showing your personality and can really pull the look of a room together! 



To see more of Lauren’s beautiful home, you can follow her on Instagram


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