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Over the past few years many people have been forced to work from home due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 Pandemic. For many, this was a welcome relief. An opportunity to reduce travel and commuting time, save money on coffee and lunchtime treats and spend more quality time at home. For others, this new way of working was challenging. Having to work around children and other family members, feeling isolated and working in a home with no office set up. 

As the world slowly to continues to open up and the recent messages from the UK Government telling us that we need to live with COVID, maybe now is the time to add some energy to your home office.

If your work now demands more time at home than it did previously, then investing into this space will help you to focus on the job at hand and switch off at the end of the day. Working from your Kitchen table served it's purpose during the unknown period but if you are able to, find a corner in your home that you can create a dedicated work space. 

 neutral home office

L-R: Live In The Now Poster, PS I Love You Poster and Figurative Lines No.1 Poster

If you have a confined work space in your home an easy way to add energy is to add some wall prints. Adding wall art to your home office is a quick and affordable way to bring life to the space and inspire you during your working day. Here at Slay My Print we have a huge selection of posters to choose from so you can find something that reflects your mood or something that fits in with your existing home decor.

As shown in the example above, neutral prints above a small desk are a great way to define a work space. They will fit in with any existing decor but they will still add interest to your walls. If your space allows it, adding a few prints to create a gallery wall will give you more opportunity to showcase your personality.  

blue abstract mountain prints

Abstract Mountain No.1 Poster and Abstract Mountain No.2 Poster

If you live in a rented property then you may not be able to hang art on your walls. If this is the case, then leaning prints on to your desk or a surface near where you work can also help to bring some energy to the space. A statement wall print is a great way to reinvigorate your home office and your mental health. Surrounding yourself with images that make you happy like nature wall art will make your work space feel more inviting. 


green home office

 L-R: Pampas Grass Poster, We Are Family Poster and Linen Lines No.1 Poster

Did you know that to maintain healthy blood levels, you should aim to get 10–30 minutes of midday sunlight, several times per week? Setting up your home office near a window is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. Having access to natural light will improve your mood and your working conditions. 

When you're working from home it's easy to lose track of time, skip meals or work beyond your expected working hours so having access to daylight is an easy way to schedule your day and remember to switch off before it get's dark. 



Credit: @by_mirka

Another great way to add energy to your home office is to add some plants! Not only do they look great, as shown in Instagram user @by_mirka home office but Introducing plants to your home have some real benefits, such as:

1. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that plants in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural.

2. Researchers have used horticultural therapy to increase feelings of well-being among people with depression, dementia and anxiety and other conditions. Although horticultural therapy has been around for centuries, it has found a modern expression: According to the Independent, clinics in Manchester are now prescribing plotted plants to patients with depression or anxiety symptoms.

3. Multiple studies have found that plants in the workspace increase both productivity and creativity! A frequently cited study from 1996 found that students in a campus computer lab worked 12 percent faster and were less stressed when plants were placed nearby.

If you don't have the space for plants then you can always opt for one of our plant prints and bring some greenery to your walls instead!


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