How To Upgrade Your Laundry Room For Less


Over the last few years, the requirement for UK homes to have a laundry/utility room has become more and more desirable. Most new-build homes now are designed with this practical space in mind whilst many existing home owners are incorporating a dedicated laundry space in to their extensions. 

Historically in the UK, washing machines have been housed in the kitchen whilst in Europe and the rest of the world you will find these in a bathroom or a dedicated laundry room. TV property expert, Kirstie Allsopp sparked debate and backlash from the British public for tweeting her opinion that it is disgusting to keep washing machines in the Kitchen. The first world problem memes followed but it raised interesting questions about why do British people have washing machines in their kitchens?

There is no definitive answer to this question but it is likely that a lot of British homes are so old that they weren't actually designed with modern white goods in mind. Also, bathrooms in the UK are not fitted with plug sockets unlike US bathrooms. The main reason for this is the risk of electric shock! Plugs in the UK typically use 240-volt power, twice the amount found in US plugs which have 120-volts.

kirstie allsopp twitter washing machine tweet

Credit: @kirstieMAllsopp/Twitter

So, if like Kirstie Allsopp, you are not a fan of having your washing machine in your kitchen and you are able to create a utility space or already have one, how do you decorate it?

Whilst laundry rooms are designed for function and thanks to the wonders of IKEA you can kit out your space with every shelf, basket, drawer and cupboard to suit your needs, this is still a room in your home that you spend time in and giving it some TLC beyond the functionality can help to improve how you view completing daily chores. 

Wall art is a quick and an affordable way to upgrade your laundry room! Here are some of our favourite laundry room designs to jazz up your space.

laundry guide wall art in grey home

Credit: @our.greenwood.home

Our popular Laundry Guide Poster and The Laundry Room Poster as shown above, look great when styled together. Instagram user @our.greenwood.home has styled them in her home using modern black picture frames. 

These prints are perfect for complimenting a grey or neutral interior decor scheme and are available in a range of sizes to suit your space!


laundry day art print

Laundry Day Poster and Laundry Room Open Poster

If you want to inject some personality in to your laundry room then the above prints are for you! Black and white photography prints are a great way to add interest and timeless elegance to any room and our fun Laundry Day Poster will definitely make you smile as your complete your chores!


laundry room definitionLaundry Definition Poster 


Typography prints are the easiest way to add interest and reflect your personality. Here at Slay My Print we have a huge selection of stylish designs to suit any room in your home, including your laundry room! Our classic definition wall art will look great in any colour picture frame and is available in a range of sizes to suit your wall space!

The black and white typography will also suit any interior style so if your home vibe is minimalistic or boho chic, this will fit right in.

laundry room wall artBeige Laundry Guide Poster and Wash And Dry Poster

If your home decor style is more neutral boho than grey modern then these posters are for you! Our classic Laundry Guide Poster is now available in a neutral beige tone to suit a contemporary home aesthetic and it looks great with a vintage style photography print.  


Whatever your interior style, Slay My Print has a wide range of high quality laundry prints and premium picture frames to compliment your aesthetic.  

Take a look at our full range of high quality prints here and let us know in the comments below on your thoughts about where a washing machine should live!

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