Vintage Kitchen Prints

Retro Kitchen Art

Many people overlook decorating their kitchens with posters. Admittedly, it can be quite a hard room to decorate, and posters might not be your first choice of decoration, but we’re here to tell you that posters are an amazing fit for kitchens when used right! And luckily, we at Slay My Print have some amazing kitchen wall art to make the task of decorating that bit easier and more enjoyable!

Vintage and retro art is huge right now, and has been for quite some time. This means that it’s more than just a simple fad because it’s stood the test of time, similar to kitchen quote prints.

Choose from either greyscale photography prints, retro food and drink posters, or posters with retro graphic designs depending on your own unique style and aesthetic needs.


Retro kitchen pictures

Our retro pictures are high quality images of famous places and objects with a vintage feel and aesthetic, perfect for decorating your kitchen to give it a throwback vibe.

Retro can appeal to two different types of people: people who lived through an era, and people who wish they could have lived through that era.

For those people who have lived through a specific era, harking back to that period through retro artwork can be a way for them to reminisce on the past and relive cherished memories and feelings.

Whereas with younger people who have never lived through a certain era, retro artwork can be the only way for them to transport themselves back into the past and live through their ideal time period that they missed out on.


Vintage kitchen posters

Vintage posters don’t just have to be throwback photographs of iconic images. We also have a selection of food and drink wall art with a retro feel that can be amazing additions to your kitchen aesthetic.

For example, take our classic cocktails series. These posters showcase a collection of the most famous cocktails and present them in vintage-style graphic drawings. Because these posters feature thin lines and a black and white colour scheme, they would sit alongside other vintage artwork perfectly.

Along the same lines, our pasta guide print also features black and white drawings only this time it is of famous pasta shapes. Not only will this retro art look great with your vintage aesthetic, it also naturally suits kitchens due to the fact that it’s food!


Retro kitchen prints

If you’d prefer your retro pictures to have a bit more colour than some others that are strictly greyscale, then we also stock retro graphic prints in colour too.

We have posters with classic muses like apples, oranges, and lemons that, due to their iconicity, would match up well with a vintage designed room.

These prints can add a bit of brightness to your room that can put you at ease if you’re scared of your retro room being too dark or grey. Vintage can definitely be bright and beautiful!

Vintage Wall Art