Travel Prints

Travelling broadens the mind, and travel posters expand the home beyond its four walls. Whether you're looking to create a sense of escapism in your home, want to mark a special trip or holiday you've been on, or seek some travel inspiration, you're sure to find a travel art print to suit your home.

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If you have a bright, open home, a print of an idyllic beachfront will complement your room well. Or, if you have a more bohemian-styled home with vintage furniture and decor, an iconic Parisian street print might be suitable to invoke a sense of modern metropolis within your home. If your personality or home aesthetic leans more towards sweeping, curving architecture, a Moroccan arch print is the ideal fit for you.

Whatever your personality or home best equates to, the world is your oyster thanks to the gorgeous photography prints at Slay My Print. Lean towards our black and white prints for a more rustic look, or add a touch of natural energy with our coloured prints, blossoming iconic architecture into your home.