Colourful Prints

Colourful Prints

Some prefer their wall art to be more toned down in terms of colours, like our black and white bedroom quote prints, while others prefer to have more colourful prints that are bursting with personality.

Colourful prints can either be used to match your chosen colour scheme, or they can be used to add a pop of colour to a more subtle room. So, if you find that you’ve got a very strictly stripped back aesthetic and are struggling to introduce new features, colourful wall decoration can create an element of freedom that allows for some breathing space in your room.


Prints of nature

When you think of colourful art, do you think of crazy looking abstract pieces that push the boundaries of art and design? While this type of art definitely exists and has its audience, you’re overlooking some of the best colourful artwork that you could have: nature artwork.

Mother nature is home to some of the most awe-inspiring, jaw dropping uses of colour you’ll ever find around the world. Think of the softest blue that you’ve seen when looking at a clear sky, or the bright, vivid yellows and oranges that humans can only dream of replicating you can almost taste when you see fruit growing from a tree.

Then, there’s also colourful prints that you can choose showing areas where nature meets civilisation in gorgeous places like Lisbon, Alicante, or California. Sometimes the colours produced when there’s a combination of outstanding, innovative architecture and delicate natural features just can’t be beaten.


Colourful kids prints

As an adult, you probably limit your wall art choices to more subtle, refined pieces of artwork, in the hopes that it makes your home sophisticated. But you know who doesn’t care about any of that? Kids!

Kids wall art is great because it can be almost anything as long as it looks cool and matches what they’re interested in. Depending on your children’s age, we have plenty of colourful posters that would look amazing in their bedroom.

For babies and new-borns, we have our Elephant in the Sky poster set, that uses beautiful combinations of soft, pastel colours and abstract images of elephants in the sky. Not only do these posters look eye catching to children, but they also look quality for adults too so you get the best of both worlds!

For when they’re a little bit older and starting to learn things really fast, you can choose our Safari & Sea Animals poster that has cute graphic designs of animals from A – Z with their names so that the poster not only looks great but is also educational!


Colourful bedroom prints

And it’s not just children who can have colourful bedroom wall art, adults can too!

We have a fantastic selection of colourful posters that would look great in any bedroom. Take a look at any of our posters inspired by the work of famous artist Henri Matisse showcasing colourful and chic abstract art.

Then, for families that love to travel, we have colourful posters of well-known skylines like Las Vegas and Berlin that would look amazing when hung on a bedroom wall.

Colourful Prints