Kitchen Wall Art Ideas


If you're thinking about updating your kitchen then you probably already know that changing your cabinets or worktops can be a costly project or if you are renting your property, this scope of work may not be an option for you. A really quick and affordable way to transform the heart of your home is to add some stylish Kitchen prints and modern picture frames to your walls.

Adding wall art to your Kitchen is a great way to express your personality, make a statement about the things you love the most* (*wine) or simply add colour to brighten the space! If you are currently renting, then this is a great way of making your space feel like a home without compromising your tenancy agreement.

Here at Slay My Print, we have a wide range of modern Kitchen art designs to choose from. We have fun typography and colourful photography designs alongside modern and classic illustrated posters so there is something for everyone. If you don't want to add something quite so literal to your Kitchen then we have hundreds of other designs so you can find the perfect design for your space.

If you're struggling to choose, here is some inspiration for your Kitchen! 


champagne tower black and white poster

 Champagne Tower Poster 


 “I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.” – Coco Chanel

This black and white champagne photography poster is a classic statement piece that would look great in any Kitchen! Black and White posters are great as they look really sophisticated but also because they go with any home decor style. So regardless of if you have a shaker style Kitchen or a high gloss modern Kitchen, black and white wall art will fit right in! They also go well with all wall colours, so if you are renting your property and have a wall colour which you can't change, a black and white Kitchen print is a way of adding interest to the space and refocusing your attention away from the wall.


Kitchen wall art

L-R: Picnic In Paris Poster, Un Croissant Sil Vous Plait Poster and Croissant Tower Poster

If you have a large wall space in your Kitchen or have an open plan Kitchen/Dining room then a formation of 3 posters are a great way to create a feature. Before your purchase your prints we would always recommend measuring the wall and working out what size frames you can fit in the space. For an average sized 6 seat dining table, 3 x A2 size Picture Frames would fill the space perfectly. If you have a larger ceiling height or a bigger wall to fill then you might want to consider large A1 sized Picture Frames instead.

Once you have established the frame sizes and quantity you require you can play around with prints! In the example above we've demonstrated a baking theme and kept the prints quite similar in terms of design and colour. If you have a more eclectic style then why not go for three different styles and showcase your different interests?

wine guide wall artThe Classic Wine Guide Poster and Cheers Poster 

Cheers! These prints are made for the wine lovers out there! This pair is a great way to showcase your love of wine in a classic way and they will fit in just about any space! You can style them side by side as shown above or if you have a smaller space, go for a smaller size and stack them on top of each other.

Our Classic Wine Guide Poster is fun and informational but if wine isn't your thing, then why not go for our Coffee Guide Poster instead and pair it with our Coffe No.1 Poster to create the same look as the example above.

Alternatively, you can create the same feel with our Past Guide Poster and our black and white Joy Poster. Everyone loves pasta right?


I'm sorry for what i said when i was hungry wall art

 Sorry For What I Said Poster


A simple typography poster is the best way to truly express your personality in your Kitchen. Our Sorry For What I Said Poster is one of our best selling prints and we have seen it in many of your homes over the years so we now that it truly looks great in any Kitchen! 

We have a wide range of quirky typography prints for Kitchens  with quotes about being hungry (or hangry) to claiming your Kitchen as the place for dancing! 


If you don't want to be quite so literal with your Kitchen wall art then why not take a look at what Instagram user @charls_home_interior has done in her recent dining room transformation. Rather than using Kitchen specific wall art designs, she has used our Canvas Oil No.1 Poster and Canvas Oil No.2 Poster in black frames to create a luxurious space that fits in with her furniture.
Using Illustrated abstract wall art is a great way to tie in the aesthetic of your existing furniture but still updating the space!
Take a look at our full range of high quality Kitchen prints here.

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