5 Things To Consider When Framing Your Wall Art

You've found the perfect wall art and now you need to consider how you want to  display it in your home. Framing your wall art may seem like an obvious thing to do, however, there are many different ways to hang prints in your home.

Over the last few years, Scandinavian and Boho interior trends have become increasingly popular around the world. Whilst both styles have striking differences, a Scandi style home is typically minimalist, monochromatic and uses accessory styles from the 1960's mixed with modern pieces. Whereas, a Boho style home is typically warmer in both colour and texture, inspired by the earth and natural surroundings and uses furniture pieces that are made of wood or wicker to ground the style. Both Scandinavian and Boho interior styles have unique wall hanging methods to display wall art!

In a lot of Scandinavian style homes, it's not uncommon to see wall art taped to the walls using wasabi tape (as shown in the photo below) to provide a modern interpretation of displaying posters around the home. Another unique way to display prints can be commonly found in Boho style homes, where the use of magnetic wall hanging clips hold wall art from top to bottom. Using magnetic wall hanging clips can be a great way to introduce Boho inspired art work to your home and will look great with some eclectic Macrame wall hangings.

If wasabi tape or magnetic strips are not for you, here are our top 5 things to consider when framing your wall art!

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Sorry For What I Said Poster and This Kitchen Is For Dancing Poster

1. As we have already established, there are many different ways to display wall art in your home and if you have come to the conclusion that picture frame is the right option for your home then the first thing you should consider is what size frame will fit your art?

For a lot of people, this will seem like an obvious answer however one of the most common questions we get asked is:

"What size frame will fit an A2 sized print?"

You may be thinking, this is pretty easy, if you have an A2 size print then you will need an A2 size frame but for a lot of people this isn't the case. A lot of print and frame companies will advertise that there products are A2 size however they are often a few centimetres too small/big. 

The A2 size is just an example, but our first tip will always be to check the description of your wall art before buying and double check the measurements. Then, before purchasing your frame (if this is going to be from an alternative company) we would advise using a measuring tape to ensure that your print matches the advertised size. 

Once you are confident of the size of your print, you can then search for the perfect frame. Again, we would always advise reading the descriptions very carefully to ensure that the measurements listed are for the internal space (where your wall art will lay) and not for the moulding of the frame. 

If in doubt you can do a quick google search where you will find your print size in cm/inches and if applicable, the relevant 'A' size.

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Slay My Print Picture Frames 

2.Once you have found the right sized frame for your print, the next consideration should be whether or not your print will need a mount. A picture frame mount or 'Mat' or 'Passepartout' as they are also known, is a paper or carboard  sheet with the middle cut out to create a frame. The cardboard frame sits in front of your print (when placed in side your picture frame) and gives your print a deep border.

The mount serves two major purposes, the first is simply to provide a decorative aesthetic as it's often thought to enhance the art that sits behind it. The second purpose of a picture frame mount is to protect the print from touching the frame. This is especially important with archival framing or when framing photos that have sentimental value because if condensation builds up inside the glass it can transfer mould or water damage to the print. It is also possible that if moisture gets inside the frame, the art can stick to the glass which may damage it beyond repair. 

The most common colour for a passepartout is white and as this is a desirable aesthetic, a lot of our wall prints come with a white printed border which means that you don't need to buy one (unless of course you are concerned about potential water damage).


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Bicycle Bear Poster and Cancer Poster in our modern Black Picture Frames

3. Location, location, location. 

Deciding where to put your framed wall art can be a big decision. If you have a kitchen print or a bathroom print which specifically references the room, like our 'This Kitchen Is For Dancing Poster' then you won't really need to consider this point. However, if you bought with your heart and found a print that you just really love then deciding where to put it can be tricky!

The great thing about Slay My Print picture frames is that they are super lightweight which means that they are easy to move around your home. Even our large A1 frames are only 2.3kg! All of our frames come with shatterproof, crystal clear plexiglass which not only makes them lightweight but also safer to be shipped and used around your home without losing any of the clarity that you get with glass!


4. Once you have confirmed the size of the frame, decided upon a mount and where your frame should be displayed the next step is choosing a finish that will compliment your print and your interior style. 

At Slay My Print we have metallic aluminium and wood picture frames in a range of colours. All of our frames have thin, modern mouldings to allow your art to take centre stage! There is no definitive answer to "which frame will look best?" as this entails personal taste. 

If in doubt though, we would always recommend a classic black picture frame. Not only are these timeless and will suit just about any interior style but they will also look great with any art print. As black is such a classic colour, even if your interior taste changes or you want to change your art, our easy to adjust back boards allow you to quickly swap out your prints without damaging the frame!


Gold Picture Frames



5. The final thing to consider when framing your wall art is how to hang it.

All of our picture frames come with hooks to allow you to display your frame in either portrait or landscape, so you can reuse your frame if you ever decide to change the art to something which is designed in the opposite orientation. 

If you're unsure about hanging your frame on the wall then a great way to display a framed print is to lean it on a shelf, a sideboard or even on the floor. If you want to display artwork in a rented property without damaging the walls then this option is a great way to show off your new print without worrying about upsetting your landlord.


Take a look at our full range of high quality picture frames here.

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