Wall Art Ideas For A Kids Play Room

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first begun in early 2020 there has been an increase in demand for more segregated space in homes. As families spent months confined to their homes during periods of lockdown and quarantine, the need (and want) for designated space became more desirable.  


Open plan living has been a must-have for most home owners in recent years but the pandemic has brought a greater appreciation of self care, mental health awareness and the importance of personal space. With more people now working from home than ever before the requirement to create a home office or a kids play room is now the must-have feature for a lot of home owners. 


If you have an open plan home and children it is easy for this to become a play centre, with toys and homework dominating your space (shout out to all the parents who worked from home and home schooled children during lockdown). Creating a play room is a great way to create personal space for your children (and you) whilst giving you space to live, work and relax in a less cluttered home. 


Creating a play room or even a designated play area in your home should be fun and filled with all of your kids favourite things. For the insta-worthy homes, this will be a nightmare. A compromise on an interior aesthetic you’ve worked hard to achieve can be difficult but let’s be honest, if it doesn’t look like a colourful, fun space will your kids actually use it?


A really easy way to create a fun and affordable playroom for kids is to use wall art! At Slay My Print we have a wide range of prints for children from colourful illustrated graphics to alphabet designs! 


Below we take a look at some of our favourite wall art designs for a kids play room.

kids wall artL-R: Unicorn Illustration Poster, Mountain Castle Poster and Boho Unicorn Poster


The great thing about choosing wall art to decorate a play room is that it is an affordable way to update the space as your kids grow up and their interests change! Cute posters of a baby deer will be great for when they are younger but as they develop, you may want to choose something more educational such as an animal alphabet print.


The first thing you should consider when purchasing wall art for a kids play room is what stage is your child at in terms of development and more importantly what are they interested in?



kids bedroom dinosaur wall art

L-R: Dino No.1 Poster, Animal Alphabet Poster and Dino No.3 Poster


If your child is crazy about Dinosaurs then these fun, monochrome stencil style illustration prints will be a great idea for their play room! We have 3 different designs to choose from so you can mix and match them or style with another one of our fun kids prints as shown in the example above to make something roarrrrsome!


safari animals wall art

Safari & Sea Animals Poster and Polka Dot Letters Poster


Wild life and animals are always popular with young children as they start to learn about the world so our Safari & Sea Animals Poster would make a great addition to a play room! It's educational, fun and the neutral style would it make it perfect for a boho style home. In the example above we have paired it with a personalised letter print.


Personalised wall art for kids is a great way to add personality to their play room or space! It's an easy way of sign posting the area as theirs and encouraging personal space.


kids fairy tale wall art

Unicorn Glow Poster and Believe In Magic Poster


These prints are definitely for the children who believe in magical fairy tales! Unicorns, magical castles and whimsical quotes will be great additions to your kids play room. Not only are they colourful and fun but they evoke a sense of magic and make believe, perfect for encouraging your child to be free thinking with their imagination and play time.


nasa inspired kids wall art

Space Games Poster and Space Man Poster


To infinity and beyond! Our space inspired wall art is perfect for all kids interested in Nasa, space and everything in the great unknown. Choose from prints of illustrated space ships or prints about the solar system to make the perfect space themed play room for your children.


rain clouds wall art

Rain Clouds Poster


If your child has lots of different interests, a generic colourful illustration is a great way to add fun to their space without focusing on one particular theme. Our super cute Rain Clouds Poster is a perfect print for a play room and whilst it looks great on it's own it can also easily sit alongside other kids wall art designs if you wanted to create a gallery wall.


Take a look at our full range of Kids Wall Art here.

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