Motivational Prints To Help Improve Your Mental Health


New year, new you? 

Starting a new year can often be an opportunity to start new habits, revisit those dreaded New Years Resolutions, join a gym or simply continue to work on yourself. It's easy to get caught up in the pressure of having to change who you are to start a new year when most us of probably need to be a bit kinder to ourselves. 

Over the past few years, mental health has been a big topic of conversation. A big part of the conversation has been about self-care and how we are now encouraged by society to actively look after ourselves. Of course, self-care can mean many different things to different people but essentially it's about thinking or doing things to be nicer to ourselves.

Positive daily affirmations are a great way to try and treat yourself kindly. These mental cues are an easy way to help alter your mindset. Another easy way to help nurture a positive mindset is by surrounding yourself with motivational wall art. Adding prints to your home with inspirational quotes or photography art of your favourite cities can help brighten your day and focus on the good times!

self love club wall print in grey living roomSelf Love Club Poster

Here at Slay My Print we have many inspirational typography prints that would fit in to any interior! A simple, black and white quote can be a great way to lift your mood and an instant reminder to be kind to yourself.


breathe neon sign wall posterBreathe Poster

Adding a motivational print to your walls is easy. Taking the time to stop, breathe and acknowledge the meaning behind the print is something that you can work in to your daily routine. Apple watches send notifications straight to your wrist to remind you to take a moment to breathe, this could be a great time to look at your framed print and think about what it means to you.

 bedroom wall printsDarling You Are Magic Poster and Self Love 1 Poster

The great thing about our motivational prints is that you can style them in any room in your home. It's a good idea when choosing your wall art to consider how you want to feel when you look at it. Often we pick accessories for our home based solely on colour or aesthetic but when you want your poster to motivate or inspire you then you should consider where would be the best place to hang it. 

Ideally your print should be in a pause point in your home. A place where you naturally have to stop for a moment, this could be your hallway, bathroom or even your bedroom. Once you decide on your pause point you can decide on the size of the print and what frame finish would work best for your space. 

 Instagram user @heybridgehome_ decided that their bathroom was the perfect spot for our motivational poster. 


perfect is boring wall print in bathroomPerfect Is Boring Poster

Take a look at our full range of prints here.

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