Bathroom Art Ideas

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, most people get stuck for ideas beyond a complete renovation or a simple change of colour scheme.

Well, let us help you find some inspiration! At Slay My Print, we’re big fans of introducing wall art to unconventional rooms or in unconventional styles and we have many different types of prints for you to choose from.

Whether you already use bathroom wall art or you’re new to hanging prints in your bathroom, sit back and prepare to take in some great stylistic advice from wall art experts!

Bathroom Art Ideas

Wall Art Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

Bathrooms look amazing when they’re sleek, modern, and stylish. While some people may prefer to be more retro with their bathrooms, using bright pastel colours in usually pink, green, and yellow, we’re fans of a minimalist design.

Pristine white tiles, shimmering marble, and deep, cutting black trims all create that ‘wow’ effect when you walk into a bathroom.

Now you may think that hanging wall art could disrupt the aesthetic of your modern bathroom, but it really is all about what selection of artwork you choose.

Some of our minimalist typography posters would compliment these modern bathrooms amazingly well. Take our ‘Relax’ poster. This piece of wall art comes with a clean white background and large black, hand written-effect lettering across the middle.

Or, if you prefer to be a bit more tongue in cheek with your wall art, then our ‘Get Naked’ poster may be better suited for you. This typography poster has all the benefits of our ‘Relax’ poster but with a cheekier, more playful message.


Your choice of frame also dictates if you can hang art in your bathroom. You want to make sure you select a metal frame that isn’t affected by humidity levels from your shower or bath.

Fortunately, metal frames also look strikingly modern and stand out just enough to make a statement in a modern-looking bathroom.


Finding Bathroom Art Inspiration

If you need any more inspiration when designing your bathroom, you can look to apps like Instagram and Pinterest.

You should be able to find thousands, if not more, examples of people who have decorated their bathrooms with posters.

Or, you can also find professional interior redesign accounts that have used bathroom wall art in their designs.

Our Favourite Bathroom Art 

Take a look at some of these bathroom and laundry prints that we’ve found on Instagram.


First up we have a lovely small space, using white, grey, and black to great effect. Above the dado rail, close to the bathroom mirror, there’s a small portrait-style poster.

The poster matches the colour scheme of the room by keeping to a greyscale tone, while a gold metallic frame sparks a flash of royal colour that brings the room together.



Next, a more colourful bathroom with a trio of posters stacked vertically. By positioning the posters parallel to their tall shelves, the room has trendy vertical and colourful stripes decorating the room. The posters match the décor of the room by having pastel-like colours in yellow, pink, and blue, and look playful when combined with a white frame and border.

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